Michael Graves


Personal Information

Michael Graves was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on July 9th, 1934. In earlier life, he was apart of the 'New York 5', which was a group of him and 4 other architects, Peter Eisenman, Charles Gwathmey, John Hejduk and Richard Meier who were committed to the idea of architectural modernism. They also had a book ,'Five Architects', that was written about them by the Oxford Press. He was very creative, and his passion showed through in all of his designs. He had the drive that it took to succeed in a FACS career.
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Education and Training

Michael attended Broad Ripple High School and received his diploma in 1952. He then began to attend the University of Cincinnati where he joined the Sigma Chi fraternity. He also went to Harvard University where he received his master's degree in architecture in 1959. In 1960, he won the Rome prize, which is an award made available but the American Academy in Rome for new artists of every kind and went to study in Rome for the next two years. He considered Rome his mentor and inspiration during his entire career.

Careers or Occupation

Michael Grave's claim to fame created the Portland Building, Humana Building, Team Disney, Snyderman House, Walt Disney World Dolphin, Walt Disney World Swan, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, 425 Avenue, Detriot Institute of the Arts, Micheal C. Carlos Museum, Disney's Hotel in New York, Riverbend Music Center, O'Reilly Theatre, Conrad Fort Lauderdale,One Port Center and even more than all of this.

Characteristics to achieve success

Michael Graves was a very creative man. He was ambitious and committed to his work and that allowed him to easily pursue a career in FACS. He was great communication skills and an interest in abstraction.


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