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Upcoming Events:

January 19th - No School due to Martin Luther King Jr.

January 20th - Day 4

January 21st - Dine out for Tatem!

January 27th - Community Meeting 10am

A Note From The Teacher

Good Afternoon Parents!

We are going to start using S'More as our way to share news from our classroom. One of the exciting things is we are going to have a student writer each week give you some information about what has been going on! We look forward to adding this new piece to our newsletter.



Buzz Words this Week

Sequencing - This week we read the story - "The Earth Dragon Awakes" as well as Mrs. Harkness and the Panda. Students were able to practice the skill of sequencing to better understand a story.

Multiplication and Division #Stories - Students were able to use diagrams to solve number stories. This was a little challenging at first, but we are working to conquer the skill.

Blogging - Ask your son or daughter to show you their updated blog that we have started using!

A Message from Our Class...

This Week's Guest Writer was Nina! Hear what she has to say about our class!

Nina’s Newsletter

This week we did a lot of fun stuff, but my favorite thing we did was reading The Earth Dragon Awakes. I liked this the most because I LOVE to read Historical Fiction!!! It is also my favorite part of the week because I like to read. The Earth Dragon Awakes is very well written book about the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. That was what I liked the best about this week! JJJJJJ