By: Ethan Bennett

Political information

Guatemala has a constitutional democratic republic government and the leader is Otto Perez Molina. Guatemala is on good terms with other countries. They have a trade agreement with the countries Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. The agreement is the Cafta-Dr (Central America Free Trade Agreement- Dominican Republic).

History and geography

Guatemala was controlled by Spain and they gained independence in 1821. It isn't controlled by another country and the official language is Spanish. Guatemala is located in Central America. Some physical features are Cuchumatanes mountains, Volcán Tajumulco, and Lake Izabal. It's capital is Guatemala City. Also two major cities are Flores and San Marcos.

Economic and trade information

Guatemalas currency is the Guatemalan Quetzal and the economic system is socialism. Their imports include, refined petroleum, cars, packaged medicaments, delivery trucks, and broadcasting equipment. The places where they import goods are the U.S., Mexico, China, El Salvador, Colombia. Some exports are coffee, raw sugar, bananas, gold, and precious metal ore. They export these to the U.S., El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, and Costa Rica

Tourist information

People should visit because they can learn about history from the ancient mayan ruins. They also explore the cities and look at the creative architecture in Guatemala. Also there is volcanoes and many extroidanary landforms.