A quick summary on Photosynthesis

What it is

Photosynthesis is were radiant energy from the sun is turned into chemical energy. It happens when sun light gets absorbed by a plants chlorophyll.

the process of photosynthesis

is a cycle in which the roots from the plant absorbs H20. Then the carbon dioxide comes into the plant and the plant absorbs that and lets out oxygen. The energy it gets to do that is from radiant energy.

the items plants need to undergo photosynthesis is...

is water for it to make food then it needs radiant energy to get turned into chemical energy for the plant. Then it needs to get carbon dioxide that we breathe out and then turns that into oxygen


oxygen is the main thing plants produce and with other plants its that with some fruit. But sometimes its juicy Vegetables

Radiant Energy

Is converted to carbon dioxide in water into molecules needed to grow. They include Chlorophyll . Radiant Energy is absorbed by chlorophyll.

Play a role

Chloroplast play a role by taking radiant energy into chemical energy. The plant needs for photosynthesis

were's the energy at?

plants get their energy from the sun and they use that for energy

Why are plants important to animals.

plants are important to animals because they produce oxygen and they provide food for the animals. Its a win win because the animals let out carbon for the plant to let out oxygen and fruit.

Food chain

the very top because they produce other things like oxygen and fruit. They also give us materials like bamboo etc. They help us so much in a way we can harvest.

Energy Transformation

occurs when sunlight hits a plant or near it and the chlorophyll inside of the cells turns that radiant energy into chemical energy which is good for the plant.

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