Buehrer Buzz

Weekly newsletter

Highlights of the week

  • We had our first week of handwriting. We practiced capital and lowercase m.
  • We celebrated Constitution Day (Sept. 17).
  • We learned about 1 more and 1 less in math.
  • We had our first word family (am). The students did very well trying to blend (sound out) the sounds to read the word.
  • We had a tornado drill.
  • We had another visit from Zero the Hero.
  • We started learning our Patriotic Songs.

Next week

  • "Aa" is the letter of the week. We'll practice it during handwriting.
  • "the" is the sight word of the week is "the"
  • "at" is our word family like mat, bat, cat, rat, etc.
  • We'll finish up 1 more and 1 less. We'll also discuss making equal sets. We'll also begin counting objects up to 20.
  • We'll practice syllables
  • We'll learn about seasons.
  • Practice writing first name correctly
  • Start math journals. word problems (done as a whole group)

Keeping you informed

  • First name homework was due Friday. I will still take late ones, so please send them to school on Monday.
  • Wednesday, Sept. 21, we are having a 2hr delay. School will be 10:30-12:30 for am kindergarten that day.
  • Picture day is Sept. 26 for students who didn't take pictures at registration or those who would like retakes.
  • Scholastic Book orders were due Sept. 16