March Mathness Comes to Cherry Hill

Fun Brain Teasers By: CREATE Fourth & Fifth Grade

Weekly Contests

Tuesday, March 1st, 8:45am to Friday, April 1st, 3pm

This is an online event.

Check each week for the new contest question to be posted. There will be 5 weeks of contest questions and there are separate contests for Grades 1-3 and for Grades 4-6. You can find the contest questions via the Student Technology Playbook/Math Websites/CHS March Mathness. Choose Weekly Contest Questions.

Your CLASSROOM can also win a prize for the highest participation percentage for the month. You could be awarded the PI PLATE - currently in Mrs. Spiegel's classroom- which will remain in your classroom for an entire year, until March Mathness next year. So, try the questions and submit an answer!!!

Second Annual Pi Digits Contest

Tuesday, March 15th, 11:30am-1:30pm

Room 342 - NBC. During your regular recess period.

Do you like numbers? Are you good at memorizing? Then join us and other mathematicians around the world in a tradition of reciting as many digits of Pi as you can, in honor of Pi Day! Start studying now!!!

Directions to room 342 - Head to the back hallway of the school and turn left to walk through the 6th grade hall. Cross the walkway with all the windows heading to NBC. Pass the stairwell, elevator, Ms. Buttery and Ms. Richards and we are the next room on the left. You will see our bulletin board decorated with March Mathness signs!

Brain Teasers and Puzzles - Fun Activities and Challenges for your Brain

We hope you enjoy puzzles and brain challenges. Math CREATE loves them, too! We've been busy creating our own puzzles just for you to celebrate March Mathness! It's a month long celebration with lots of math fun for all! Scroll down and enjoy these activities. Check back at the end of the month for an answer key!

Toothpick Challenge (submitted by Alice from 4H)

Can you make the angelfish swim the other way by moving only 3 toothpicks?
Big image

"A Day of Shopping" Math Question! Click the link below (by Abby, 4S)

Can you figure out which items will go into the empty spaces? (by Ashley, 4S)

Hint: Find the pattern
Big image

Math Word Scramble (by Chris & Lucas, 4S)

Unscramble these familiar math terms:
Big image

Magic Squares (by Nicole, 3R)

Fill in the missing numbers so that each row, column and diagonal adds up to 15.


6+1+_=15, _+_+3=15, 2+_+4=15, _+3+4=15

1+_+_=15, 6+_+2=15, 6+_+4=15, 2+_+_=15

Big image

Magic Squares Puzzle

In a magic square, all the rows and columns add up to the same number. Use the one row or column that is already filled in to help you figure out the missing numbers in the rest of the puzzle!
Big image

Magic Squares Puzzle (by Raymond, 4H)

This is the same type of puzzle above, but this time there are 4 boxes in each row and column. Fill in the missing numbers so that the sum of every row and column is the same. (Hint: look at the column that's completed.)
Big image

Click on the link below for our Padlet wall where more math fun awaits you - by 5th grade CREATE

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Hope you enjoyed these! Watch at the end of the month for the answers to be published.

Some puzzles allow you to submit an answer via a Google Form. Others are just posted here for your enjoyment and to solve at your leisure. Either way, we hope you had a good time with our math puzzles and questions.

Don't forget to look up our weekly contest questions every Monday on the March Mathness webpage on the Student Technology Playbook (under Math websites).