What I learned

By: Justin Hallee


  • iMovie is a fun app where you can make movies.
  • In iMovie, you can record and take pictures to make a movie of your choice.
  • You can edit your movie to make background music, sounds and more.


  • iTrailer is part of an app where you can make cool trailers for anything.
  • In iTrailer you can record footage to fit in preset sections for your trailer.
  • You can make your trailer have cool backgrounds and preset themes to enhance what you are making the trailer about.

Haiku Deck

  • Haiku Deck is a cool application in which you can make slideshows and post them to the world.
  • You can mostly program the whole slideshow with pictures for the background or different fonts.
  • You can post the slideshow you make to the internet so you can prove a point or show how to do something.

Explain Everything

  • Explain Everything is a very handy application to prove a point or show how to do anything.
  • In Explain Everything, you can record yourself doing somthing. For example, you could press the record button and write to show how to add two plus two.
  • You could also use this to make slideshows, and they even have a laser pointer that follows your finger!

Go Animate

  • Go Animate is an awesome website that is free if you want to sing up. At this site, you can make funny or serious movies using animated figures.
  • In Go Animate, you can make people walk and talk by programming them.
  • There are millions of figures to experiment with in Go Animate.