By: Serena Di Martino

Learning About Christianity

Christianity's followers are called christians, they believe in the Holy trinity ( God " Father ", Jesus Christ " Son ", and the Holy Spirit ). The religion was founded by Jesus Christ, himself, and the holy book is recalled " The Bible ''. Their holy city/site is Jeruslum because it holds the church of Holy Sepulchre. On Sundays, christans worship in churches and are leaded by priests or ministers. Christians often do a prayers called baptism and holy communion. Baptism is the marking of a christian into the holy church. Holy communion is when the followers share bread and wine to reprsent the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Some holy holidays/worship days are christmas and easter. Christmas is the celebration of Jesus's birthday, and is celebrated with nativitys, stories, ect. Easter is the resurrection from the dead. Eggs are a major symbol, and crosses are covered in flowers. With all their differences Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have a monotheistic god called Abraham, leading them all to life.