Don't strive for perfection;

reach for uniqueness.

Unfriended, by Rachel Vail

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"It's a story about somebody who got so tangled up in wanting people to think he was good that he forgot to actually be good."

A realistic fiction novel...

Throughout middle school, teenagers can get made fun of and talked about behind their backs. They might feel as if all of their friends have left them and dumped them out in the friendless world. Someone who has been made fun of before, maybe because they might dress differently, or look a little different: this message is for them. Don't get down on your self because you don't look like your friends; embrace your uniqueness. In the book, Unfriended, by Rachel Vail, one of the main characters Truly, has gotten invited to join the popular group at school. But as she continues to carry on with this new group, she discovers what everyone is like, and how everyone is, that now she wants to follow in their foot steps. Truly slowly starts to drift away from her nerdy-self, into this not-so-smart girl. When she joined the popular group, she forgot how important it was to be herself.