Daily Soc News

Breaking News!! by Alayna Ruggiero, the Soc journalist

Greasers Gone Bad against Soc

Two Greasers according to research known as "Ponyboy" and "Johnny" have for some reason went against a Soc, Bob (according to his old girlfriend, Cherry Valance). Evidence from his body shows that Bob was brutally stabbed in the park. We interviewed a few Soc witnesses, they were in tears and freaking out as they explained the story to us. They all spoke out that they were just getting some revenge since these two Greasers picked up "their girls" sources say either way someone would've died, sadly, it was one of OUR KIND. Anyway, next thing you know the two Greasers went missing, almost vanished. Just recently, a Greaser came to the police station and gave the cops some valuable information stating that Ponyboy and Johnny ran off to Texas, hopefully we'll catch them.