Solo And Ensemble Festival

Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Festival at Granger Middle School

Saturday, Feb. 17th 2018 at 8am-3pm

2721 Stonebridge Boulevard

Aurora, IL


Parking spaces are somewhat limited.


The large gym will serve as the warm-up area for band

Who can Join?

All band students are invited to participate in the Illinois Grade School Music Association Solo and Ensemble Contest. We will take up to 50 entries.

The Solo & Ensemble Festival is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn new music, perform with a piano accompanist and/or a small ensemble, and receive comments from a professional. The musical growth derived from participating in this event is unbelievable! Each participant will receive written comments from the judge and a Division I, II, or III rating. Students compete against a standard, not against other students.

Registration and payment due by Friday, November 17th

Students who participate will receive 20 extra credit points per solo and 10 extra credit points per ensemble.

The Solo and Ensemble Festival is on the same weekend as the 8th Grade Washington DC Field Trip. 8th Graders cannot do both events.



Each student should obtain an appropriate contest solo from his/her private instructor. Students not studying privately can obtain a solo from Mr. Dyhouse or Mr. Pakkebier. In addition to purchasing music, students must pay a $9.00 registration fee to perform a solo. If you are paying by check, please write the check out to Granger Middle School and put your child's name and solo and ensemble in the memo line. If you are paying by cash, please put the money in an envelope with your child's name and solo and ensemble on it envelope.

All instrumental solos, except snare drum and piano, must be performed with piano accompaniment. If needed, professional accompanists will be available for a $30.00 fee. The $30.00 fee should be paid directly to the accompanist during at the first piano rehearsal. This will include two rehearsals with the accompanist, as well as the performance on February 20. More information will follow for students expressing a need for this service.


7th and 8th grade students may choose to organize a small ensemble. These require additional practice and rehearsal time because they are a team effort. This is a great way to learn how to work with others and have fun making music with friends. Ensemble participation requires a $5.00 registration fee per student for each ensemble in which they perform. Please select a member of the group that will collect the registration fees for the ensemble and turn them in together at one time.

Help Sessions

Students who do not take private lessons must attend at least one help sessions in preparation for the contest. Help sessions with Mr. Dyhouse and Mr. Pakkebier will be available after school. Click here to sign up for a help session. This is to ensure that students have the best possible performance experience. Any student who does not complete help sessions or displays a lack of preparation may be ineligible for contest participation. Refunds for these students will not be available.

Dates students may sign up for help sessions are as follows:

Tuesday January 9th (Mandatory day students assigned a time)

Wednesday January 10th (Mandatory day students assigned a time)

Wednesday January 17th

Thursday January 18th

Tuesday January 23rd

Wednesday January 24th

Tuesday January 30th

Wednesday January 31st

Tuesday February 6th

Wednesday February 7th

Tuesday February 13th

Wednesday February 14th

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