The Choir of The Century

Reese High School

The Choir Concert is On its Way!

Singing! Ah, the joyful noise that comes from your lips as you let out your emotions for the audience to relate to. Singing can be a nice stress reliever, as well. So come on over to the choir concert at Reese High School and sing to your heart's content! Or don't. Maybe they'll come to your house instead!

Tuesday, May 24th, 3pm

1696 South Van Buren Road

Reese, MI

The auditorium is reserved at 3:00 P.M. and onward until the concert ends.
Daughtry - Traitor (Lyrics)

Republic Records Staff

Fall Out Boy "Centuries" [POP MIX] by Republic Records Staff

Choir Needs YOU!

Come make a joyful noise with the Reese High School Choir Concert!