NMS RAMS 2/6/22

Good Afternoon NMS Families!

Thank you to our High School Admin team and students for sharing all the great things happening there with our 8th grade students. We received numerous compliments from the high school about the 8th grade students! The DA's office will be meeting with our students during assemblies this week. 8th grade will begin visiting the high school on 2/9. We have selected Friday, May 12 as the date of our 8th grade dinner/dance. More information to follow. Also, I wanted to thank Ms. Wildfeuer and Ms. Tritone for setting up the virtual parent meeting with the DA's office. Lots of great information regarding cyber safety and bullying. Congratulations to our Student of the Month award winners today!

Have a great afternoon!

John Diorio


Upcoming events:

2/7-2/9- House assemblies with DA

2/8- NJHS induction ceremony at 6:30pm

2/9- 3- 8th grade homerooms visit high school

2/14- 3- 8th grade homerooms visit high school

2/15- 6th grade field trip to Gillette

2/17- 7th grade field trip to Gillette

2/28- 3- 8th grade homerooms visit high school

5/12- 8th grade Dinner Dance

DA assembly

The DAs office will visit our school Feb. 7,8, and 9 to discuss Cyber Safety/Bullying Prevention. Thank you to Ms. Palmer-Howes and Ms. Wildfeuer for setting this up!
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8th grade meetings with High School

8th grade homerooms will begin visiting the high school on Feb. 9th for the day. The homerooms and days are:

2/9- Hickey, Hammond, Wells

2/14- Hay, Provost, Perella

2/28- Prario, Gauthier, Silvestri, Flanders

Students will leave NMS around 8:30 and be back before dismissal.

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Our NJHS induction ceremony is this Wednesday at 6:30pm in our auditorium.

Community Closet

Our Community Closet will be open: 2/15 from 2:15-4:15pm. Lots of great apparel items to choose from in our new space.

Vaping Diversion Program

Northbridge Middle School offers a Vaping Diversion Program for students who are involved in vaping. Parents and Guardians may refer their students to the program. The program is managed by Lori Johnson, the School Nurse Leader. Students who are referred to the program participate in a 5 week program involving reading 2 articles and completing an online video program developed by the MD Anderson Cancer Center to teach adolescents about the dangers of vaping. The students meet with the nurse once a week. At the end of the program, students will write a 1 page essay on the dangers of vaping and develop a written plan to quit vaping. If you are concerned about your student and vaping, please contact Mrs. Johnson at or call her at 508-234-6221, ext 5110.

Names of students referred to the program by parents/guardians will be kept confidential and no disciplinary action will be involved because of participation in the program.

Science Curriculum

We are excited about the new science curriculum purchased by our district. OpenSciEd was launched to improve the supply of and address demand for high quality, open-source, full-course science instructional materials, while at the same time supporting the implementation of middle school science instructional units.I am including a link to learn more about the program, and a pdf explaining what you and your student can expect from the program.