Scholastic Book Club

Raven Homeschool, Anchorage Office

Order before 11:00am on Tuesday, December 29th!

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Access the Online Monthly Fliers!

1. Go to

2. Click on "First Time Here? PARENTS"

3. Enter the following code: P4HMQ

4. Place your online order before 11:00am on Tuesday, 12/29!

Please note that all of the Anchorage Raven families have been enrolled in Valerie Thurston's classroom. The "Ms. Thurston" is referring to Valerie, and not Terri. None of the Raven teachers (Danae, Carmen and Terri) have Scholastic Book Club classrooms. We'll have just the one classroom for all of our awesome Anchorage Raven families!

Passport to Reading: Use your COINS to get FREE BOOKS!

Here's How:

1. Take a look at the fliers
  • Access the Online Fliers - see directions below.
  • Pick up a Flier from the office!

2. Choose the books you want to buy with your coins! (1 coin = $.10)

3. Complete the order form - get it HERE!

4. Bring your order form and coins into the office before 11:00am on Tuesday, 12/29!

5. Your books will be shipped to the Anchorage Raven Office in early January!

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