From the Magical Beasts of the East

January 13-17

Our G.R.I.T. assemblies celebrate students who show the 7 Mindsets. January's is "The Time is Now"

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#TimeIsNow #BePurposeful

The Time is Now teaches that all your power exists in the moment. You cannot change the past and the future hasn't happened, so the only thing to do is take purposeful action now in order to create the ultimate life of your dreams.

I will make the most of my time now.

I will be the change, not wait on change.

I will participate in improving each day.

Missing Work

We had a major issue with missing work last semester! Please continue to check the Parent Portal frequently to make sure your student has everything turned in.

ELA - Mrs. Owens & Mrs. Rowe

In ELA, we will be annotating and analyzing for text structure, particularly in non-fiction. We will take a STAR test on Thursday this week for our next data point in your child's progress in class.

Math - Miss Wright & Mrs. Jimenez

We are working with box-and-whisker plots and probability this unit!! We will finish this unit next week, with the unit quiz sometime next week as well (we'll let the kids know exactly when!).

Topics for the following unit:

  • Creating Box-and-Whisker Plots
  • Reading and Interpreting Box-and-Whisker Plots
  • Likelihood of an Event Occurring
  • Theoretical and Experimental Probability
  • Tree Diagrams

Pre Algebra - Miss Wright

We are working on Chapter 6 - Percents. We will complete this chapter before the break, so students can expect a test over this chapter next week. I'll let them the know the exact day.

All Pre-Algebra students should be working on at home!

Each student has their username and password, and should work at home at least 30 minutes a week.

Social Studies - Mrs. Taylor

There will be a Canada physical and political map quiz on Wed. for A classes and Thur. for B classes. has maps that cover the political and a study guide was created in class and sent home Jan. 7-8. The Canada Unit Test on Jan. 28-29 will also cover the map as well as information we have learned in class.

Our focus this week is Canada's culture, government, and current issues. We will end the week by starting a Canada Brochure project based on an in class research activity done after the quiz.

Please check the website for homework and absent work, and grading policy. Please check Parent Portal for grades, missing assignments, and assignments needing correction.

Science - Mrs. Clanahan

This week students will research their assigned system and create a google slide to present it. The presentations will be this Friday for A-Day and next Tuesday for B-Day.

Please make sure all missing work is completed. Worksheet copies and the study guide answer key can be found here if needed.

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6 East Teachers

The Magical Beasts of the East

Left to right (back): Mrs. Rowe, Mrs. Clanahan, Miss Wright, Mrs. Taylor

(front): Mrs. Owens, Mrs. Jimenez

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