Joy, Joy, Joy

Quietly inclining to joy at Franklin

Word of the Week?

You guessed it: JOY
I can't wait to see what each of you does with our word this week: enjoy it, celebrate it, live it.
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"Being joyful requires feeling connected to other people in life, with nature, also by appreciating the arts, and it requires an acceptance of life, as it is, in the present"

“The innate neurological circuitry of your mind poses a very real challenge: positive stimuli tend to roll through it while negative stimuli get flagged and captured and deferred to. But you can consciously override those tendencies in simple and effective ways each day, by focusing on positive experiences, valuing them, and helping them sink in. That’s a deeply wise and wonderful undertaking: happiness is skillful means. And happily for happiness, this is aligned with your deepest nature: awake, interested, benign, at peace, and quietly inclined to joy.

Tis the season for sharing

The Franklin Student Council Food Drive was a huge success. We will be coming around to classrooms on Monday to collect any final donations you may have. Please be sure you have made a full count of all your class' donations and have your cans ready for pickup. Mr. Lowenstein and the Student Council will announce the class winner as soon as all donations have been counted. Students were actively sorting the food in our new food pantry in the Family Resource Center and Charity DaMarto will be coordinating the food distribution beginning this week. Thank you to everyone for their generous donations. Donations to the food pantry can now be made at any time.
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Holiday Party

Thanks to Tassa, Quise and our Social Committee for all their efforts towards making our Franklin Staff Party a rousing event. Fun, food, raffles and gift exchanges were enjoyed by all. If you are in Alameda, please support 1400 Webster if you can: they were generous in their support of our Franklin Family. Willis and others took lots of great photos; reach out if you would like to see more!

Happy Chanukah

Ms. Fisch and Mr. Lowenstein shared their Chanukah traditions with our staff and students - delicious latkas in the staff room and dreidles in the classroom! Thank you, Beth and Jeff.
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Playground fun

Our students (and staff) had a lot of fun with our Word of the Week. The project manager for our grant is sourcing playground equipment to order by early next week and it looks like we are on target for our "playground launch" volunteer Service Day on Martin Luther King Day, Monday, January 18th. Staff, students and families are encouraged to come out and volunteer that day. More details soon.

MLK Day of Service, January 18, 2016

Things are falling into place for a powerful Service Day at Franklin this coming January. In addition to our playground work we are partnering with Oakland's Urban Releaf to plant trees around our campus perimeter that same day. I've been working with Urban Releaf and our garden partner, VIctory Garden Foundation, to identify trees that are drought tolerant, fast growing, easily pruned, hardy and beautiful. Volunteers will be planting trees throughout the day.

Images of our current top four choices are below. We'll be gathering staff, student and community input this week to identify the best options for Franklin. You can also find the full Oakland tree list on Urban Releaf's website. Let me know if you have other tree suggestions.
We may even have to/get to build a bike system to water our new trees!
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Venezuelan Music Project

Two of our 5th grades enjoyed an inspiring and interactive performance with the Venezuelan Music Project, in collaboration with Four Seasons Arts. We are hoping to make this an annual event with all our Fifth grades. Thanks to Ms. Edwards for all her work scheduling this performance. The musicians who joined us are all very busy professionals and it took months to find a date they could all be here with us. Thanks to the musicians and Four Season Arts staff and volunteers who joined us.

Busy week ahead...

Monday, December 14th, Staff Meeting, 3:05, Library
Tuesday, December 15th, Faculty Council Meeting, 3:05, Library
Wednesday, December 16th, PD, 1:30-3:20, Library. Be SURE to bring your laptops. We will be completing two OUSD required surveys (sorry!) and closing with some Franklin vision work
Thursday, December 17th, Holiday Assemblies, Cafeteria