Flipped Learning

imagine a classroom that is truly student centered

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Objective: create a 3D snowflake with 6 sheets of copy paper.



Teaching for Tomorrow: Flipped Learning

Driving Questions

  1. What should my flipped classroom look like in order to best serve the needs of my students and my own teaching style?
  2. What are the learner benefits of flipping?


  • What should we add to the list of things you know?
  • What new questions do you have?

Fostering Collaboration

ABC Nightline - IDEO Shopping Cart


  • Desribe the collaboration that you saw in the video?
  • What systems and protocols did the team rely on?
  • How might these ideas be applied to a classroom setting?


Explore this Edutopia article and collect ideas.

Small group discussion:

  • Why is collaboration an important component of learning?
  • What does s collaborative and learner-centered classroom look like? Sound like?
  • What strategies can teachers employ to manage collaboration?
  • What assessment-for-learning (formative) strategies can teachers utilize in a collaborative learning environment?

Planning Your Flipped Lesson

  1. Learning Objective

  2. In-class collaborative student activities (formative assessment)

  3. Summative assessment

  4. Video lesson content

Google doc lesson plan template

Creating Your Flipped Lesson

A Look at Katie Gimbar's Flipped Classroom - 18 months

Your turn to create!

Peer Feedback

Watch each other's videos in groups of 3 or 4 and provide feedback.

  • What did you like?

  • Is the length appropriate?

  • Does it explicitly address the learning objective?

  • Is there anything that distracts the viewer?

  • Is there any content that was confusing?

  • Other questions…

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