Military Veterans With Depression

Dazia Mclendon

What is depression?

Depression is when someone is feeling sad and down for long periods of time. In this case when Veterans return home the struggles of loss of family members, or financial struggles can cause this.

Facts on Depression & Dealing with it

It was a total of 1.7 million Veterans that have served. Veterans that have Served in Iraq and Afghanistan 20% have suffered from this major mental disorder. Many of these people don't seek help. According to the Army only 40% have or will seek help from a professional.

How the Military views the issue?

The military has lots of resources for veterans that dealing with this issue. So they wouldn't have to deal with it alone.

The public views & Resources

Many people of the public views depression as an illness, others will say that you are depressed for no reason. What most people does not know is what these veterans have to go through and what they have to physically see while serving this country. If someone is suffering from this they can go to "National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) – Depression"


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