Gregory Crewdson


Gregory Crewdson is an American photographer. He is known for is staged and obscure American neighborhood photos.
Gregory was born on September 26th, 1962, in Brooklyn.

For Gregory growing up, he had a lot of influences on photography, but it wasn't until his later years that he would peruse in photography. Crewdson went to New York's state college to study photography in 1980.

Gregory became famous by just working his way up. he also was a professor at Yale university at some point in time. Gregory Crewdson has created some of the most gorgeously haunting pictures in the history of the medium. He also created a movie called, Brief Encounters.
“I feel very strongly that every artist has one central story to tell. The
struggle is to tell and retell that story over and over again, visual form,
and try to challenge that story. But at the core that story remains the same.
It's like the defining story of who you are.
-Gregory Crewdson, "brief Encounters"
A lot of people are chilled by his work. his work is renowned. A lot of people often ask if he has any symbolic means for what he photographs. Mostly overall what people say about him is that he is very chilling and truly an amazing artist.
I think Gregory is a talented photographer. He takes pictures and they just give you that weird feeling inside of you. They have different, but cool perspectives. His photos also have that "back in time" feel to them, and i also like that.
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these pictures above are works of Crewdson