Hidden Valley Weekly Bulletin

Week of 12/14

Principal Point to Ponder

"What are the Holidays All About"

No matter what your religion, your traditions, your beliefs, your customs, etc.... We can all agree that the holiday season is about family, friends, and giving.

This week we will take some time from our instruction, that we have been working so diligently on this year, and think about the "giving" season that the holiday cheer brings. We will have some holiday fun with our Secret Santa, Holiday Assembly, Operation Santa Clause, and our Staff Holiday Party. Teaching and learning is always at the forefront of our daily job, but at school we have to be much more than that.

Some of our students act out this time of year because it is tough on them. They don't have a tree full of presents, They are not spoiled with the love that others more fortunate may get, so their behavior sometimes shows their frustration. I challenge everyone this week to give that little extra holiday love to our students. They may not be in the holiday cheer that others are in, but we can turn that around. The two weeks off may be tough on them. How can we make this last week of the year with us full of love and cheer? How can we give out a few more hugs, smiles, and patience? How can we tell a staff member thank you for helping you?

How can we give of ourselves this holiday season?

ELL Strategy of the Week


Use the summarization strategy, Think-Pair-Share, in any content area before, during, and after a lesson; listen and evaluate.

The "Think" part of this strategy is very important for ELLs, as they need that additional processing time to work through the questions!

- Think: Students are given a questions or problem to think about
- Pair: Discuss answers or solution to the problem with a partner and revise or alter original ideas
- Share: Students share with class

Instructional Strategy of the Week

Professional Development is a great way to increase your knowledge of your profession. We have our monthly PD, monthly professional readings, and different workshops throughout the year, but is that enough? Some of us go that extra mile and are always trying to increase that professional capacity by attending outside PD or take graduate classes. This week I was able to celebrate with our very own Ms. Cooper, as she graduated from the Charlotte Teacher Institute PD. She applied and was chosen for this wonderful PD. They had a celebration for their 6 month ongoing PD. She is taking that knowledge and applying it in her classes with her students at HVES. Some of these summer PDs even pay. Congrats MS. Cooper
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Kudos/ Acknowledgements/ Reminders

* Kudos to Ms. Bordelon for finishing her masters program.

* Shout out to Mr. Nash and Mr. Brynildsen for bringing in holiday partnerships so our students can get some needed gifts this holiday season.

* Shout out to Ms. Stoner and Mr. Busbee for getting the Safety Patrols on AM and PM duties. They are assisting with the arrival and dismissal procedures.

* Shout out to the boys basketball team for playing their hardest this week in their kick off jamboree. More information on future games will be coming.

* Kudos to all the teachers that opened their doors for the ILT teams from the district to come into their classes and see what is happening at HVES,

* Kudos to the Social Committee for organizing a Holiday Party this Thursday at Fire Water.

* Remember that we have teacher workdays on December 21st and December 22nd. Please refer to my email that will be coming on Monday for information on how to take those days off.

What to Expect This Week

Monday 12/14 (Day 2)

- Wear your school colors to model expectations for our students

- MAPS makeup

- Students will be receiving a holiday backpack with food for the Holiday Break.

Tuesday 12/15 (Day 3)

- Tie Tuesday

- 1st grade Literacy Night after school at 5pm.

- MAPS testing 3rd grade Math- Salters, Barefoot, Le, Mitchell

Wednesday 12/16 (Day 4)

- Operation Santa Clause- See email from Lungarini on Monday for more details

- Holiday Assembly Rehearsal @ 12:45. Participating classes see email from Ms. Shephard.

-MAPS testing 3rd grade Reading- Rosato, Georgiades, Donovan

Thursday 12/17 (Day 5)

- Holiday Assembly Rehearsal @ 12:45. Participating classes see email from Ms. Shephard.

- MAPS makeup

- PTO meeting after school

- Staff Holiday Party 6-9 @ Fire Water. All staff FREE. $ 10 dollars per guest. Music, Food, FUN

Friday 12/18 (Day 1)

- Wear your Holiday Gear

- Holiday Parties in classes, at the end of the day.

- Holiday Assembly (9am PreK-2nd) (1:15pm 3rd - 5th)