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ITC Updates and News

YouTube Reminder

Teachers and staff members are now able to "approve" YouTube Videos for students to be able to access from their Chromebooks. This would be for videos you might want students to explore on their own or in small groups.

To approve a video, click the "approve" button when you see it under a YouTube Video to make video available to students on their Chromebooks.

Digital Citizenship January - Creative Credit & Copyright

January is our month to cover the Creative Credit & Copyright Lessons from our District Digital Citizenship Curriculum. Please find some time to cover this lesson for your grade level. Thank you!

Formative Assessment Meets YouTube

EdPuzzle is a formative assessment tool that uses videos to deliver multiple choice or open-ended questions to students while they are viewing a video online. Because standardized testing is moving to using media in assessment, EdPuzzle provides a nice opportunity for students to show what they learned from a video right then, and depending on the question asked, synthesize information from the video with other knowledge or sources.
NICE MiniCon

Jan. 30th @ Niles North HS Wanted to highlight a nearby local conference, NICE MiniCon. It is one of the best local PD opportunities around & only $5. This conference might be a nice opportunity to apply for preapproval for Skyward PD credit.

Above & Beyond Video

The video above offers a nice perspective of the importance of promoting Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication in classrooms today. Embedding the 4C's in your classroom conversation and activities allows students to practice applying and using these valuable 21st Century skills.
Above & Beyond