Media Literacy Project

By: Emma Woodward

Dr Pepper Always One of a Kind Commercial


Avante Garde/Bandwagon!

This commercial tells you that if you drink Pepsi you will be "one of a kind" or special and unique. They then go on to show a crowd of "one of a kind" people drinking Dr. Pepper.



Man drinks Dr. Pepper and then changes shirts and walks against the crown -11 seconds

Another man joins in the a "dreamer" shirt -------------------------------------------------- 2 seconds

Woman joins the march with "cougar" shirt ------------------------------------------------- 3 seconds

People come out with shirts, one older man is shown with "beginner" shirt ---- 3 seconds

Woman is shown doing yoga with a "control freak" shirt ------------------------------- 1 second

People are shown with a dog wearing a "wingman" shirt ------------------------------- 3 seconds

Man with a bionic leg is shown running and wearing a "fighter" shirt -------------- 3 seconds

Twins jump-rope wearing "one of a kind" shirts -------------------------------------------- 5 seconds

Man slam dunks wearing a "highlight" shirt -------------------------------------------------- 2 seconds

Woman with tattoos is shown wearing a "work of art" shirt --------------------------- 1 second

Construction worker is shown wearing a "momma's boy" shirt ---------------------- 1 second

Woman is shown wearing a "rebel" shirt and walking against the crowd --------- 1 second

Man jumps out of a window into the crowd ------------------------------------------------- 2 seconds

Same man is shown crowd surfing while wearing a "rockstar" shirt ---------------- 3 seconds

Crowd of people goes outside -------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 seconds

Man hands woman a Dr. Pepper and woman smiles at him -------------------------- 8 seconds

Image of Dr. Pepper is shown -------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 seconds


- slow at beginning

- gets faster towards the middle and then slows down at the end


- everyone is wearing a red shirt with a label that describes them

- day starts cloudy but then gets sunny

- people wear boring, grey clothes at beginning


- everyone is young except for the men playing chess and the woman with the "cougar" shirt

- only two out of the seventeen people who are emphasized are black

- everyone emphasized has brown hair


Words Emphasized:

"I'm a _________"

"Dr. Pepper"

"One of a Kind"


- music starts out calming and then turns into a pop song

- music gets louder

- looks warm outside

- it is filmed in a city


They want us to believe that Dr. Pepper makes us young, helps us fit in, makes us unique, and helps us have fun.

This commercial teaches us that labeling people is a positive thing.

Evaluation and Application


I like the music and the commercial makes you feel happy. Some of the labels that they gave people were sweet.


It's cheesy and the whole commercial is centered around labeling people.

I also would have had a more diverse cast of actors if I was trying to show that this product makes people unique.

What does this have to do with soda?