Angelina Jolie

The Great Leader


Angelina Jolie attended Beverly Hills High School and lived with her mother's modest income as her relationship with her father was extremely troubled. Angelina's parents got divorced when she was 2 years old. She lived in Los Angeles, California for a while before moving to Palisades East Coast in the state of New York. When Angelina was 11, the family moved back to Los Angles and Angelina decided to get more serious about her dream of becoming an actress. She enrolled into some drama and acting lessons at the drama academy. Angelina did not enjoy high school because she was bullied by other students regarding that she was too short or too thin, too scared. The teasing caused a disastrous effect on her sense of self-esteem. At the age of 14, she dyed her hair purple and moved in with her punk rocker boyfriend. She began to self-harm herself and cut herself. Her favorite color was black. When Angelina was 16 she split with her boyfriend and decided to once again go back to being an actress.