Cloud Balloons

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Cloud Balloons

We manufacture cloud balloons in the us. We've got made cloud balloons as small as 6 feet long close to 20 feet long. You will get your clouds an excellent color or with shading, lettering, logos or any special designs.

Our cloud balloons might be stuffed with air or helium. When you need the clouds to drift they have to be just right to possess a sufficient number of helium to deliver lift.

Our cloud shaped balloons are constructed of polyurethane, not PVC. PVC is often a known carcinogen which is much heavier than polyurethane. Should you prefer a cloud to float that is certainly under 20 feet in size you may use polyurethane. These cloud balloons are reusable sufficient reason for reasonable care will last for a lot of indoor use.

Larger cloud balloons works extremely well outdoors; however, cloud balloons are certainly not an incredibly aerodynamic shape will not float well with any wind.

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Clouds with logo for trade exhibitions.

Please call 1-800-791-1445 more resources for our Stated in USA cloud shape balloons.


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