By: Natalie Rugger


The rash starts to appear between 12 to 14 days, and you will start to feel discomfort, headache, back pain, and vomiting. In a few days you will start to notice red dots all over your body, the red dots will turn into small blisters and eventually will fall off and leave scars. your skin turns dark red and even black, but that is more rare. If you catch smallpox it makes your heart and lungs stop working.


Smallpox is more sever for a pregnant woman and children. most people that get smallpox survive, however this disease can be very fatal. Smallpox can cause blindness but that is more common in adults
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Someone who develops smallpox would need to get a vaccine between four or five days for it to work. However this won't get rid of the disease but it helps it disappear slowly. Make sure you wash your hands, make sure to to wash your clothes, and bedding. don't touch your eyes, nose, or mouth. don't touch the skin of someone who has it.
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History Of Smallpox

Smallpox has killed more people then another disease in the world. Half a billion people have died from smallpox just in the twentieth century alone. Smallpox is not on the earth today, it has been wiped off the earth for good. Smallpox has been around for thousands of years, before it was finally conquered. It first emerged in 10,000 BC. Smallpox still but it is only in laboratory, which is only in Russia and the United States. They want to keep it because someday it could be used for research. Smallpox started in China around 250 BC, then it spread to Paris in 1438 killing 50,000 people, next it reached Incas in Andes around 1633. 40,000 Brazilian Indians were killing in 1660 by smallpox. Smallpox arrived in Ireland and killed 18,000 people in 1707. In 1922 South America was free from smallpox, then smallpox started to disappear, in 1926 India was free, and now there is no more smallpox it vanished. Smallpox came from three places, Egypt, Mesopotamia, and India. between 1914 to 1977 smallpox killed 300 to 500 million people.
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How you can catch smallpox

How you would catch smallpox would be face to face with a person that has it, could also be spread by sneezing, coughing, of even talking. Can be spread by your clothing and bedding but that isn't as common. Smallpox spreads really fast.

Treatment And Drugs

If the outbreak of smallpox would happen today doctors wouldn't know it in the early stages and most likely the disease would spread. there is no treatment for smallpox, but during a person's vaccination, doctors were focused on making sure the person wasn't dehydrated. Antibiotics may be prescribed if the person is experiencing bacterial infection in the lungs or on the skin.


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