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Ruby and the Booker Boys: The Slumber Party Payback

Ruby's Profile

Name: Ruby Marigold Booker

Lives in: 5388 chill Brook Avenue

Relationship Status: Single

Age: 8

Gender: Female

Ruby's Personality Traits

Ruby is a sweet person. She likes to have fun and be active. She plans beautiful and fun sleepovers also known as slumber parties. Although she seems so kind, sweet, and nice she also is a little revengeful. She likes to get revenge from her brothers whenever, they do a stupid prank on her. Ruby is the smartest person you could ever meet.

Ruby's interests and hobbies

1. Crazy fun slumber parties

2. Slumber party paybacks meant for her three annoying brothers.

Ruby's Friends

Comment from a girl in her class.

" Ruby is such a cool girl. I can do everything she can do!" - Willana, age 8

Ruby's number 1 motto!!

Bottom line? Don't mess with Ruby and her crew!
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Created by: Angelina Francis - Class: 603