Home Health Aid

What a home Health Aid does.

A home health aid does Administer therapy , dress patients, bath patients, feed patients, teach patients basic life skills,and help give prescription medications to the patients. A home health aid helps people at home that are disabled sick or hurt.

What do you need for this job


For a education to work as a home health aid is at least a high school degree and you can go from high school to doctorial degree. But you have to have training and know what to do when being a home health aid .

What you make

You would make at least $10.34 per hour. Yes it is a good pay job. It depends where you work and what the company is like For example Central Care is a job here in Minnesota that is around St. Cloud.
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This is how much money you would get if you worked for10hours

How many jobs are there in USA

There are 875,000 jobs of a home health aid in the USA. That is a lot and it is growing so that is very exciting.
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What is the future

This career is growing very fast. It will soon be very popular and is very big. People will be feeling better a lot more .

Why I choose this career

I choose this career because my mom was a home health aide for Central Care. Also because I love helping people and making them feel better. I love to be a helping hand. It sounds very interesting and fun. If I could choose a career this is the career I would choose. I hope that when I'm older I can be a home health aid. That's why I choose this career as a home health aid.
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This is where my mom worked when she was a home health aid about a year ago she loved the job.