Pennies for Patients

Help people with blood cancer

A little about our project . .

We are from 5L and our names are Abby, Aspen, Carly, Jade, and Kalie. We are working on a project called pennies for patients. We will be collecting spare change that will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.Each classroom will have a box to keep the change in. It will look like this. When you come to school you will put the money in this box. In your Friday folders, you will get a smaller box that you can take your money to school in and a flyer that will give you more information about pennies for patients. This project will be starting January 11th, and will be ending January 29th. We are doing this to help find cures and pay for the bills blood cancer patients have. We are trying to raise 1,250 dollars by the end of the project. We want to inform you that we are not doing the penny wars this year. You can bring in any coins and it will count towards your points. Who ever has the most amount of money in their box gets an Olive Garden pasta lunch in your classroom! Thank you for participating in the 5L community service project!
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These are some of the Patients that were supported