Internet Saftey

Learn how to stay safe on the interweb

Be aware of what you do on the Internet

People on the internet can control over your personal items if you're not careful on how you use them. Somebody can soon control over your personal info.


If you release too much information about yourself on the internet, someone can become you and control your personal belongings. Such as your credit cards & serial number.

How to prevent Identity Theft

Ways to prevent it

Keep this acronym in mind when trying to prevent identity theft: S.H.R.E.D;

The S stands for stronger passwords, make a password that uses upper/lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. H stands for handle PII with care, don't give out personal information out. R stands for read credit card reports annually, check to see if anything looks weird on your reports. E for empty your purse/wallet don't care around unnecessary items including your Social Security number card. D is for discuss these tips with your friends, tell them so they can prevent it too. Learn more at