The Sea Wolf

By Jack London

Main Characters


The story starts when the main character, Humphrey Van Weyden, is on a ferry that collides with another vessel. He is rescued from the freezing bay by the Ghost, a seal hunting boat owned by Wolf Larsen. He works on the boat and learns how to stand on his own legs and earn money for himself. Although he has many problems with other sailors he later befriends the Wolf Larsen

After a storm Ghost rescues Maud Brewster. Maud and Humphrey realize who each other are. Humphrey often reviewed Maud's books. Life continues on the boat and Humphrey's relation with Maud improves. With Humphrey on the night shift they seethe opportunity to escape. They load a seal hunting boat with supplies and set off. After a few long nights they land on and uninhabited island.

They build huts and hunt seals till the Ghost land ashore. Wolf Larsen is alone because his brother, Death Larsen, took his crew. He is very sick and has sizers often. One of them causes him to lose sight. Humphrey decides to rebuild the Ghost. Wolf Larsen try's to set him back until another sizer causes him to be partially paralyzed. He is then able to finish the repairs and set sail.


The protagonist in The Sea Wolf is Humphrey Van Weyden. He is a book loving man. He lives off of inheritance from his dead father. He is dependent on the inheritance. While working on the Ghost he learns to work on a ship along with gaining important skills. He also learns to stand on his own legs and gains lots of mussel mass. At the end he is independent and can fend for himself. For example "It seems like you're standing on your own legs at last Hump." He also realizes he loves Maud Brewster.
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In conclusion I would not recommend The Sea Wolf to a friend. The book only became interesting late in the plot. Before the climax there was no hook. Although once the climax did come I wanted to read more. It ended soon after that. That is why I wouldn't recommend it to a friend.