by: Yahav Sasson & Roni Kilimnik

About Facebook.

Facebook is an online social networking service.

It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004, the name Facebook is taken from the university book "Facebook", that shows all students faces and names in one book.

In the beginning, the web was only for Harvard students , but a month late it became a world web.

Facebook is an internet web for all kind of people aged 13 and over.

Facebook allows many things such as posting statuses, sending massages, publishing photos and videos, evaluting other people posts and more.

Pros of Facebook.

Facebook has many advantages :

Facebook is an Easy and instant way to communicate with your friends all over the world, You can also post fothos and videos very fast, You can also even play games in facebook with your friends, You can also command on your friends statuses an photos.

Cons of Facebook.

Unfortunately, on the other side, Facebook has also many disadvantages :

Facebook is an adictive web, people you don't know of all over the world can see your photos and posts.

You don't know who is really talking to you behind the computer, also, you can post offended comments to your friends or other people in the world, and those people can comment offensive posts back.


Facebook is still used today and has more than a billion users, and as half billion users log in every day.

Anyway we think Facebook is a great means of communication and we use Facebook almost every day. If you have not tried it yet give it a chance. You won't be disappointed.

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