Malcolm X

Malcolm X the Visonary

About Malcolm X

What he did

  • stands up for what he believes in
  • inspired young African American minds
  • Taught African Americans to stand up to oppression
  • Belived there was good in everyone
  • Wanted African Americans to have a secure future
  • Belived that when met with antagonism that the African American needed to fight even harder for what they belived was right.


Malcolm X preached to

Origins of Malcolm X

Malcolm was only in the 8th grade English teacher told him that being a lawyer was unrealistic for a black man living.When he was a little older he was eventually sent to prison because of his racial identity. When Malcolm was a young boy kids would have often tease him because of his skin color and call him nigger,and because he was African American the teachers in his school would often do nothing about these perplexing names Malcolm was being identified as . Malcolm s home was burnt down by a Hooded Klansman because of that his family was forced to relocate from Lansing,Michigan, to the country which racism was a huge epidemic.When he was 6 his father was brutally attacked by a member of the KKK who beat his father bloody that he died on the scene. His family later got poor and his mother was eventually targeted and placed into a home for the mentally insane so without mother or father Malcolm siblings and him were separated by a welfare agency which sent him and his siblings into different homes.