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Prosper High School

Plano West Match ••••••••• January 12, 2013

We had them, we just let them get away. It was a good match for us, it showed us just how far we really have come. We are a team that everyone has to pay attention to and know they have to bring their “A” game against us. In both varsity matches we won three of the five singles matches and very easily could have gone into Baker leading 5-2. Baker is where we let them get away and where we need to turn our focus. In practice we will start working more on spare shooting and creating competition scenarios to make us match ready. You guys are doing a great job! Keep the faith! ;-)

Boys Varsity

Deshunn, Jimmy, Chandler, Pearson, and Jacob Y., made up the varsity squad for the boys this week. Although three of the five won their singles match, they dropped two of the three baker matches to West, giving them the win.

Girls Varsity

With 6 of our 7 girls in attendance this week, we were able to have a Girls Varsity match. Prosper won points for 3 of the 5 individual games and they went into the Baker ahead of west. However, spares went in favor of West this week and they ended up winning the overall match.


New Personal High Games

Practice Makes Perfect

Or almost anyway... Deshunn McKenzie shot this huge 297 game over the holiday break while working with his new Storm Manic. Practicing does make you better.

It's about filling frames...

You have all heard Mickie and Lee say, "you have to make your spares", "Strikes are nice, but spares win the match", "go for the clean game". Challenge yourself each time you bowl to get fewer open frames than the time before. Let that be your focus this month.

Here is an article borrowed from BowlingBall.com that has some good tips on how to be a better spare shooter.

Spares Go Down, Your Bowling Average Goes Up

If the spares go down, your bowling average goes up. One of the most important keys to achieving high scores, maintaining a high average, and excelling in competition is becoming an excellent spare shooter.

No question that bowlers typically pay greater attention to getting strikes than to converting spares. Truth be told, by becoming an excellent spare shooter, your abilities to hit your target and the pocket improve.

Knowing how to make effective spare adjustments broadens your knowledge of how your bowling ball will react crossing the oil pattern on the bowling lane.

If you develop a reliable spare alignment system and learn which adjustments to make for various spare combinations, then your strike alignment and adjustment skills improve as well. So remember, if the spares go down, your bowling average goes up.

Dedicate a certain amount of your practice time to making spare adjustments on the lanes and work hard at converting every spare you leave. Try not to waste any opportunity to fill frames.

When you miss a routine spare, like a single-pin spare or a two-pin spare combination such as the 6-10, the 2-5, or the 4-7 combinations, you need to follow it up with a double (two consecutive strikes) to make up for lost pin totals.

In order to gain full advantage of every “double” or “three bagger” you roll, pick up your spares. Missing a spare negatively impacts the scoring advantage you should be enjoying from rolling consecutive strikes because of an open frame.

When practicing spares, take special notice of your walking lines when approaching the foul line. You may be a bowler who walks a straight path to the line when rolling for strikes. When you move cross lane, however, to attempt to pick up a corner pin spare, your walking pattern may drift excessively off line and hurt your chances of hitting your spare target.

Double check your walking lines when shooting spares as well as when rolling for strikes. Pay attention to details when it comes to making precise adjustments for spares. Once you select a sighting target on the lane and an adjusted starting position on the approach, make sure you walk your intended lines. It is worth repeating, pay attention to details to improve your spare shooting skills.

Just as when rolling for strikes, your sighting target is an intermediate location your ball rolls across on the way to converting a spare. By drifting off line on a spare adjustment, you invite trouble. Your ball may cross the oil pattern and either pick up too much skid and miss the spare or you may not get sufficient ball skid and you miss the spare on the opposite side. To get a predictable ball reaction when shooting spares, make certain you do not drift off of your walking line.

There are many spare systems you can choose to use in competition. The best system is one in which your ball has a consistent and reliable ball reaction as it travels down the lane toward a given spare pin combination. If the lanes have a heavy concentration of oil in the middle of the lane which helps you hit the pocket easily, then using a spare system where you work off of your strike alignment position using the same strike sighting target for your spares (other than corner pin spares) might be a good system to develop.

This article is not intended to identify specific spare alignment systems but rather to stress the importance of sharpening your spare skills and becoming the best spare shooter possible. We recommend you consult a certified coach or an experienced instructor if you have questions about how you can improve your spare alignment system.

After all, your scores depend on filling frames. Just remember, when spares go down, your bowling average goes up.

Stay behind the ball...

What does that mean? If you are interested in a more scientific answer, read the following article from BowlingBall.com.

Next Match - Plano East High School

Saturday, Jan. 19th, 12pm

2521 K Avenue

Plano, TX

Please arrive by 11:30. Be aware that 75 will be closed from time to time for construction at 121. Seek alternate routes or plan extra time for delays.

Winter Sport Pep Rally

Wednesday, Jan. 23rd, 9pm

301 Eagle Drive

Prosper, TX

Mr. Wright will honor all winter sports, including Bowling at a pep rally on Wednesday, January 23rd. Pep Rally start around 2:30.