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Transitioning to Online Schooling: Learning Coach Excellence

Transitioning to a new learning environment is a big change for students, Learning Coaches (LC's), and their daily routines. Even seasoned LC's can hit rough patches or have family changes that can challenge online schooling. Read on for more information about the LC role and get great advice from those who have been where you are now!

Learning Coach Responsibilities

  • Log attendance daily.
  • Check and read emails daily.
  • Ensure your student(s) attend their Class Connect sessions.
  • Ensure that students complete online and offline work.

Student Responsibilities

  • Attend required class connect sessions.

  • Check E-mail daily.

  • Turn in required assignments.

  • Complete Study Island Assignments when assigned

  • Follow the Daily plan for completing lessons

  • Submit teacher graded assignments

From Struggling with Learning to Successful Learner!

Here is some expert advice from seasoned Learning Coaches:

  • Ask lots of questions (teachers, other LC's, and Blended Learning Centers)
  • Take advantage of resources offered to you (bulletins, virtual groups, and live school events)
  • Be sure to get your student involved in learning beyond the computer this can mean scouting groups, volunteering, church groups, sports clubs, or other ways to socialize with peers.
  • Develop clear expectations, rules, and systems in the learning environment to keep students on track (see more about this below).
  • Remember: The younger your student, the more hands-on you will be as their Learning Coach. As your student emotionally and physically develops, they will become more independent. While the LC role will decrease some, the guidance of a Learning Coach will always be needed.

Looking for More Information?

Check out this video about transitioning to Online Learning and K12 powered schools.
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Strong Start

One immediate resource you can use is the Strong Start website. On it you will find a lot of great information on how to get started with your K12 schooling. There are helpful links for parents and Learning Coaches of students in grades Kinder through 5th, Middle School and for High School, as well. If you are a new Learning Coach, be sure to check out our Learning Coach University page for helpful recordings and tips. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link may be able to address concerns that you have regarding successful online schooling.
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Online School (OLS)

The OLS is where your student will complete their lessons. You will find the link to the OLS in the upper right hand corner of the Strong Start page.

Once you log in to OLS you will want to see which lessons your student needs to complete. You can also track completed assignments. Watch this video on how to attend a Class Connect.

Watch this brief video to learn how to see your student's daily and weekly lessons in OLS. You can also check their progress. Click here to learn how to check your student's progress.

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How to Contact Your Child's Teacher

Occasionally contacting a teacher is needed. This video will walk you through the process of contacting your student's teacher.

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