LISD Secondary Reopening Guide

April 15, 2021

Hello LISD Secondary Families!

We are so very excited to welcome our secondary students back into the building, and we are busy preparing for them. If students have chosen to remain fully remote and later choose the hybrid option instead, please let us know by calling the secondary office or email our office coordinator, Ronda Berg ( We will need to know at least two school days ahead of the day the student plans to return for in-person learning.

Please refer to this guide for all the latest and greatest information on hybrid learning for the secondary wing. This Smore newsletter program allows me to make revisions. Each time there is a change or update (and this WILL happen), I'll let you know exactly what has been revised.

All my best,

Martha Martin, Secondary Principal


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Hybrid Learning Model

  • Most LISD secondary teachers will be supporting both fully remote and in-person learning at the same time. They will have a camera pointed at them for the direct instruction part of a lesson and then check in with both sets of students during the independent practice part of a lesson.
  • Some students will be invited to stay later for academic support beginning the week of April 26th, taking a 1:30 bus home. We will make those arrangements with individual students.
  • Teachers will continue to schedule office hours in the afternoons.

Fully Remote Learning Model

  • Fully remote students will be given instructions by each teacher for both synchronous and asynchronous work.
  • Week of April 19th: Remote students will attend PACK on Monday and Friday only as PACK for hybrid learning will be outside and in-person on the other days (weather permitting). We will keep you posted on the PACK schedule for remote learning students moving forward.
  • In some cases, teachers will be supporting fully remote learning students asynchronously. Your student's teacher will provide those specific details if/when necessary. This is especially true for classes involving fieldwork.


Each student is choosing either the fully remote or hybrid learning model. This choice is registered in our district office . We will not allow them to switch back and forth on a day to day basis.

Lunch and Snacks

It is our hope that students will eat a healthy breakfast before school. We will be offering a mid-morning snack during a 15 minute break. Students may also bring their own snack. Snack break will be outside and, since they will be eating, students will be able to get a short break from wearing masks.

Lunches for secondary students will continue to be delivered to coolers around the island, so they can enjoy a late lunch when they get home.

Each student should bring a refillable water bottle to school.