Tech & Media Mashup

Edition 2

BEWARE of this app!

Just when we get rid of Geometry Dash, there is a new one to watch out for! The name of the app is Flick. It is in Self Service for now, but we do NOT want our kids downloading this. Please tell your students to delete if they have it and warn them NOT to download it if they haven't already done so! This will get them written up just as an App Store app would.

The app works similar to Airdrop, but you cannot track who is sending what to whom! It is a major distraction and trouble waiting to happen. The app allows students to send or "Flick" games, photos, and notes to each other without the teacher knowing. We have already had a case of inappropriate behavior with this app in our school. I can see the value of the app in some educational settings, but our kids have not proven to be responsible enough to have it.

3 More App Challenges This Week

The 3 apps you see below have been added to the iPad App Challenge site. Click here to visit the site and start working on these new badges!

The last 3 will be up by the week's end. One of them will be an app of your choice! I have to get the SEA System information turned by the middle of the month. If you are interested in receiving credits for this PD, be sure and complete the challenges over the next 2 weeks. I can give .5 credit for half the apps and 1 credit hour for all of them. I am going to carry it over to next year as well. If you haven't been able to get as many in as you'd have liked, you can pick it up next year and receive your credit for the next school.


I have been able to meet with grades 3-5 to provide training on your next steps with Schoology. Remember to send me your student rosters and I will be glad to get your students set up if you haven't had a chance to do it. Then I'd love to come in the classroom with you to do a "starter lesson" with you. Email me a good time and we'll make a plan!

K-2 teachers--we will get together next week since your schedules were full of Reading 3D, IEP meetings, and other events. :)

Discovery Education SOS Stategies

Whittle It Down

The Whittle It Down strategy is designed to scaffold summarization by having students work independently, then collaboratively as part of a small group, and finally as a whole class to ‘whittle down’ a list of vocabulary words that are most important to understanding the topic being studied. This final list is then used to compose a summary of the topic. This works well with a DE video on your topic of study! Check out the PDF or video link below to see how to implement it in your classroom.

iPad "Wellness Checks"

Prior to our iPad collection days (3rd grade- June 2 and 4-5th grades June 3), I am going to come around and do some preliminary checks. I am mainly checking to see who has lost/damaged chargers, scratched or cracked screens, or any other damages where fees will need to be collected. I'll probably just sit in the corner of the room and check them one at a time. I'm going to start with 3rd grade this week and work my way up to 5th. I hope to finish up next week. I don't really have a schedule for it, I will just pop in as my schedule allows. If there is a certain time that you don't want me to come, let me know.

From Mrs. Sloop...

Reading Fair Project

Thank you for supporting the reading fair genre project. The idea behind the project is to get kids excited about reading from different genres, interacting with the text and using the technology tools that they have in order to showcase some of their work. Projects are technically due on May 8th. The Intimidators game is not until May 16th, but I’d like to send tickets home on Monday the 13th in order to give families time to plan ahead. Please just send me a class roster, or list of names of students who completed a project and I will get the tickets to you. I hope your students have enjoyed the project and hope that you’ve found it to be a useful way to integrate their library books into your ELA activities.