April Team Meeting - Temecula Team

April 10, 2019


  • Inspiration-24 hours
  • Statewide Updates-scopes
  • Enrichment
  • Curriculum
  • Academic Decathlon
  • SPED
  • High School
  • Open Enrollment
  • What's Going Right
  • Proctor Schedule

  • End of Year party
  • Teacher Evals Testing #s
  • 1:1 Testing
  • HS slides
  • Alycia curriculum
  • Jessica-tech testing
  • Storm Tickets
  • Start a Test Session

Cottonwood School

  • Opens Fall 2019

  • Site Based HS in Northern CA

  • Will open with 9th & 10th Grades

  • Montessori & PBL

  • Located in El Dorado County

  • Inspire Homeschool Program will also run out of Cottonwood

  • Enrollment will open soon!

California Homeschool Parent Association (CHPA)

411 About CHPA:

  • New Inspire parent non-profit group

  • Separate non-profit organization for the parents and run by parents.

  • Statewide PTO/Booster organization with local divisions by region/county

  • Parent leaders chosen/elected by the parents

Opt-In/Out Forms:

  • Class sets of Membership Opt-In/Out Forms mailed out this week!

  • Share with parents at April Learning Period Meetings

  • Each teacher will use the Survey Link https://tinyurl.com/CaliforniaHPA to help us compile a list of parents and their opt-in/out choice.

  • RC’s will collect the paper forms at May in person, team meetings.

Intent to Re-Enroll


  • Enrollment Projections

  • Staffing Reasons

  • Growth & Local Authorized Charters

Three forms:

  • Form A - no changes/stay in the same charter
  • Form B - non EA change charters
  • Form C - EA change charters

Student List:

  • Sort Roster by teacher name to determine which form to use for each student

  • Add responses to your YET spreadsheet

  • Scan Forms and drop in to your Region’s Google Folder

Example of Verbiage on Forms:

1. Form A - no changes/stay in the same charter

  • By signing below, I am indicating that my children are currently enrolled in ______________________, an Inspire Family School for the 2018-2019 school year. I choose for the 2019-2020 school year to be enrolled at the same school, with my same HST.

2. Form B - non EA change charters
  • By signing below, I am indicating that my children are currently enrolled in ______________________, an Inspire Family School for the 2018-2019 school year. I choose for the 2019-2020 school year to stay with my current HST and be enrolled at ______________________, an Inspire Family School. If I choose to stay in the current school, I understand that most likely I will need to be assigned a new HST.

3. Form C - EA change charters

  • By signing below, I am indicating that my children are currently enrolled in ______________________, an Inspire Family School for the 2018-2019 school year. I choose for the 2019-2020 school year to stay with my current HST and be enrolled at ______________________, an Inspire Family School. If I wish to stay at my current school, I understand that I will not be allowed to continue attending Enrichment Adventure days and most likely will have to change HSTs.
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Temporary Withdrawals

Form submitted to forms@inspireschools.org

  • Attending summer school in a different school

  • Intent to Re-enroll in Calendar B (Sept. 3rd)

  • One form per family

  • Teacher Clicks on "Enable Temporary Withdrawal" in the upper right-hand corner of the student page in EOS (see below)

  • DUE MAY 31st

Link to the Temporary Withdrawal Form in the HST Handbook

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Compliance with The Political Reform Act

  • Conflict of Interest Code

  • Conflict of Interest Policy

  • Anti-Nepotism Policy

  • Conflicting Employment or Activity by School Personnel

  • Restriction on Provision of “Things of Value”

If you are an employee and related to a vendor, you must refrain from:

  • promoting the vendor’s business

  • referring students to the vendor’s business

  • using social media to further the vendor’s business

Disclosure Statement:

In the event that an employee believes that an outside activity for compensation may be inconsistent, incompatible with, or in conflict with, his or her duties as an employee of Inspire Charter School, the officer or employee shall obtain a written determination of the Senior Director that the outside activity is not in violation of this policy before engaging in such activity.

LCAP & Achievement

We’ve updated our LCAP goals to better align with increasing our student achievement in math, graduation rates, and college and career indicators.

Goal 1: Provide high-quality teaching and learning that promotes opportunity for applying knowledge.

Goal 2: Create systems and structures that provide multiple personalized learning paths and increase College and Career Readiness of our students to close the achievement gap for all subgroups.

Goal 3: Increase student, parent, staff, and community engagement through collaboration, transparency, and communication.

Goal 4: Provide appropriate tiered supports that promote and sustain positive social/emotional development as well increased academic achievement for all students.

LCAP Surveys - We need responses!!!

By April 26th...

- Please have all your parents fill out this PARENT SURVEY

- Please encourage your students, 3rd grade and older to fill out this STUDENT SURVEY

*Spread the word and email, text, share out at you next LP meeting!


Temporary withdrawals (students temporarily withdrawing for the summer - see above note)

  • HSTs should enable/disable student accounts in EOS (refer to instructions in newsletter)

  • Orders will be placed starting September 3rd

Regular withdrawals

  • Enable temporary withdrawal in EOS as soon as withdrawal process occurs

Summer funds - Funds available to use all year long, summer included

  • Requests for July and August should be in a separate order for accounting purposes

Order Processing Timeline

  • Returning students and new siblings - July 1st

  • New students - August 1st (allows the opportunity to meet with new HSTs)


The 2019-2020 Online Subscription Package (OSP) options have been finalized and we’re excited to announce our new package options!

  • HIGHLIGHTS: Over 20 subscriptions to choose from with 7 curriculum options and 14 educational apps and resources -- including a 24/7, live online tutoring subscription for all subjects!

  • 16 options for grades TK-3 .. 17-20 options for grades 3-8 .. 12-13 options for grades 9-12

  • Shmoop and Rosetta Stone® Foundations (Spanish, French, and German) are A-G approved curriculum options for high school

  • BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: ABC Mouse, Discovery Education Streaming Plus with Science Techbook, and Vocabulary Spelling City

  • NEW: Beast Academy Online, Rosetta Stone Foundations, Dreambox Learning, myON Reader & myON News w/Accelerated Reader, Typing Agent, and TutorMe

This year’s OSP options are valued at more than $2,400 *

* value based on the retail value for the 5 most expensive subscriptions

Please share the 19-20 OSP Flyer with families and remind them the OSP is FREE if they opt-in! The flyer is hyperlinked to allow families to click on each of the subscriptions listed and go to the vendor’s website or the OSP Handbook for more details.

*If a student opts-out they will get $400 this year on February 1, 2020.

Field Trips & Events

KUDOS to our amazing HSTs and Family Liaisons for organizing more than 1,000 field trips so far; there are many more in the works!

Thank you for all of your hard work and making these adventures possible for our students and families!

  • To help ensure field trips are being paid in a timely manner, please submit your payment request to the FTE Payment Survey when creating the trip in the FTE site.

  • For check requests, please allow at least 3 weeks advance notice to process the request so a check can be mailed to the venue.

Contact the FTE Team if you have questions, concerns, or need help!



  • Please let your families using McGraw Hill or AP texts know to keep an eye out for an email from the curriculum team in early May. This email will include a list of items checked-out from the curriculum team that need to be returned and mailing labels to return said items. Once all non-consumables are returned to the Acton office, the $100 deposit will be credited to the students’ accounts.

TK-8 Curriculum Access:

  • All access to TK-8 Inspire-Adopted Curriculum will end June 30

  • Special request to extend past June 13 required for K12 & StrongMind

Tasks that are being taken away from teachers!!!


how you had to submit a survey request to get access to one of our online platforms?

1. Online Access will be automatically assigned to you when you Enroll your student.


when you enrolled your student in an HQT lead class? Then you had to find that shared doc with the names for the HQTS by class, then you had to open pathways and meander to the student account, then you couldn’t remember how to add an HQT to your student’s class, then you might have had to call a fellow teacher and get reminded because you forgot where the instructions were?

2. We’re going to add the HQT for you! If there is a teacher change, we’ll make the change.

Coming Soon in the Curriculum Department...

  • Working on a task Update for McGraw Hill

  • Working on a project that could significantly increase support to HSTs who have students using adopted curriculum

  • Looking at a way to better support our HQTs

  • The new COS system is on the road to completion.

    • Instant deductions

    • Absolute clarity on the courses being ordered

    • Faster fulfillment of curriculum orders

Academic Decathlon

There were 68 schools and over 500 students who attended the state competition!

Inspire Student Winners:

Rebekah received a third place medal for the Interview. She took third place overall out 28 schools in the division.

Santiago received a medal for the highest scoring member of the Inspire - Central team.

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SPED Transition has a new Website! New Student/Parent Workshops and Webinars are posted Monthly! Click here.

High School

  • HSTs please check all information for graduating students:

    • First, middle, last names are correct (legal name will be printed on the diploma)

    • Addresses are correct (diplomas will be mailed to addresses listed)

  • Graduating Student List - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IFxsvkdPfyl_dx3X9RbvMxs7VBIfMK_v06yNu9xZrOc/edit?usp=sharing

    • Please add a comment if information needs to be corrected

    • Please email your counselor ASAP if a student is missing from the list

  • Please complete check by Friday, April 12th

Open Enrollment - Benefits

  • Not Making Changes

    • Check Demographic Information

    • Check Dependent Information

    • Check Beneficiary Information

  • FSA - NO Rollover

  • Self-Enrollment Open April 8 - 12

  • Page 12 in the Benefits Guidebook

  • Questions Contact your HR Specialist