The Bear Necessities

August 16, 2019


Your passion and dedication are such a treat to be a part of, thank you for the hours and thoughtfulness you've put in already this year. May you spend some time laughing and relaxing this weekend. Wear your new school shirt and some running shoes Monday. Wishing us the best first day ever!!

Required Evening....Mark Your Calendar

September 20th is a big night for our school/program. EEC staff that do not time out at the end of the day are to attend.

We have joined with LS Parks and Rec to bring Mr. Stinky Feet to Lee's Summit at the amphitheater on Friday evening, September 20th from 6:30 - approximately 7:30.

PAT - this is a recruitment opportunity for you. If you would like to set up a table and have an activity, you can count this toward your recruitment for the year. It should be something open ended and not require a lot of time for kiddos to do. Please let me know if you want to use this as your recruitment time and what you would need as far as table/chairs.

ECC - this is an opportunity for you to connect with past and current families. You will simply greet, visit and have fun with families. We would love for you to help recruit PAT/HS/EHS families while you are there and answer questions about our great facility and programs we offer. If you would like to help at a table, just let Tracy know and she will connect you to a PAT staff person!

GBEEC Website

I took down our calendar on the GBEEC website. Your parents should be getting clear and concise information from you on dates and times for events in your newsletter. Community members do not understand that this is a qualifying preschool, so we felt it best to keep our calendar internal.

Did you know?

Did you know that there are legal supports that are FREE...for things like stolen identity, custody disputes, and power of attorney for aging parents. Also financial supports for things like "what can I do about my debt problem?".

These are services that support a good quality of life, take care of you!!

School Family Check In

As we wind up this week of work to support kindergarten, meeting our little ones and their parents and general preparation for a fabulous first day....take a moment to check in and let us know your celebrations and concerns.

Our Week:

Monday - here

Tuesday - here

Wednesday - here

Thursday - here (First mass screening day)

Friday - here (Popsicles on the Playground)