Tridigital Learning

Classrooms of the Future

Tridigital Learning

Tridigital learning is a balance between the past, the present, and the future to ensure the best possible education for the future leaders of our world. We need to be able to prepare them to create, inspire, and lead in a world that is becoming more and more technologically savvy and where innovation is key! Technology should definitely be incorporated into the classroom and into the curriculum because technology is what keeps the world running. Our students should be taught how to use it in new and creative ways.

Classrooms for the Future

21st Century Learning Environments

On the Pennsylvania Department of Education website they have a list of ways that want to move to a 21st century learning environment. The school should be learner centered, a classroom environment where the students can learn by doing, and where they can use and apply the information to real life situations. Also the teacher should be the facilitator and co-learner, and should teach using all learning modalities and teaching instruction strategies. Higher order thinking skills and creativity should be used and encouraged, students should provide interdisciplinary instruction and activities as well as allow for students to use multiple sources to retrieve information. Students should also complete more authentic projects as well as learn how to learn. I think all these components are crucial and vital to the education system and should be implemented within all school districts. The 21st century learning environment is one filled with creativity and ways or instances for students to apply what they learn in everyday life. Authentic tasks are so important because we need to prepare our students for the future and I believe that the way to do this is through more innovative projects.

Classrooms of the Present and Past

Teaching towards the Future but Keeping some Ideals

Education is constantly changing, we are in a world that is constantly changing so it is only practical that education should change along with the world. I do however believe that it is important that we not be completely reliant on technology. I think some things like reading books and coming up with projects that don't involve the computer or internet. Reading is so important and I think that we should encourage reading for pleasure as much as we can. I also think that it is important for students to be able to both write and type. I also think that some instructional techniques should remain and still be used. Instructional techniques such as direct instruction still need to be used within the classroom.