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...what's been going on in 7th Grade Life Science?


Our first week of state testing was so smooth! Even a tornado warning couldn't keep our students from being the best! Remember, we still have two really important tests on Monday and Wednesday (Science & Social Studies) before we are completely finished with testing. My personal favorite is science, on Monday, but I bet you guessed that already. Please continue encouraging your child to get good rest over the weekend so they are prepared to finish strong.
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Currently Review ALL Science AKS!

The past week, students have been involved in multiple review activites in class. Students have been reviewing key AKS strands from throughout the year and they are making big connections between all of the concepts. Above, some of our students are shown working to create the chemical equation to represent cellular respiration. Students also had to rearrange to represent photosynthesis. I was impressed at our students' ability to explain how these processes work, why they are important, and how they work together. I truly believe our kids are going to shine on the Milestones this upcoming week!

Also this week, students learned about animal/plant cell structures, cell processes, & how the human body systems are interconnected. We also took a look back at Ecology to focus on energy as it is moved & cycled throughout our ecosystems. We explored each of Earth's major biomes & ended the week with a review of symbiotic relationships & food webs. Our science interactive notebooks have been an invaluable tool during the review process. Keep reading to see what are next steps are in Life Science!

Flashback to Evolution Unit

Before Spring Break, students experienced a lab that helped them better understand how natural selection is the driving force between evolution in a species. Students received different tools that represented different types of beaks. In order to survive, they had to collect, or "eat", 20 beans, or "insects" in two minutes. Students quickly saw that their ability to survive depended greatly on the variation of beak that they had received. We had a great time learning outside!
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Collaboration in the STEAM Lab

I was so impressed with our students as they collaborated to complete their "Mystery Island" projects in the STEAM lab. I was able to witness a lot of creativity and students applying their knowledge of evolution to a project-based learning experience. The STEAM lab is an awesome place to spread out and work together with the help of technology!
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Groups Preparing to Teach/Review Human Body Systems!

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Review Centers for Milestones

What's Next?

Mind Mapping Project: Students will begin this project shortly after the Milestones Test. We will be connecting all of our learning to the levels of organization. Students will design and create an unique visual representation that organizes their knowledge of life science from cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, organism, population, community, ecosystem, & biome. These turn out awesome and students are really able to visually see the big picture of life science.

Animal Unit & Frog Dissection: After completing our mind mapping project, students will experience a quick crash course in studying animals. We will learn some of the basics and end with a frog dissection that will also help us better understand how our body systems are similar to other organisms.

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Thanks for Connecting....Have A Great Weekend!