By: Duchovny, Sofia, Ashley

Come To Kahouna!

Come to Kahouna! We have everything you need! Itis in the pacific ocean. We have perfect temperture!
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The Big Kahouna Waterfall

We have one of the most famous waterfalls in the world!
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TheTwo Most Rare Flowers And forest

We have the prettiest forest you will ever see! We have the two most rare flower in the world!
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The Biggest Pool

We have the biggest pool in the world and the biggest waterslides!
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Clear River

The river we have is wavy but calm and very clean! You can see right through it!
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The Town

Our town is small but friendly! We have a bridg to the other land!
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The Mane Town

Our Mane Town all the stores, fun parks and good resterons!
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Candy Land

We have every candy in the world made fresh! We have a speical place if people are allergic to some of the candy!
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The Capital

The Capital is very big it even has a muesum in it! Their is a lot of valuble stuff their!
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Giant Candy Land

In the city we have a Giant Candy Land store! It has BIG peices of candy!
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The City

We have the tallest biulding in the world in are city!
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Are Hotels

We have lots of hotels! We have four hotels! One has a great view of the waterfall! We have Sanounou, Rayols, Dreamy and Kingdom! Thats are hotels you can rent!



Relaxation: Waterfalls Rainforest - Endless Emotion -Early Morning In The Rainforest DVD

By: Duchovny White, Sofia Padilla, Ashley Furst