Search Engine

showcase of five different websites


Everyone would benefit from using Google as it provides a fast and efficient way to search online. It gives you access to dozens of different sites, images, videos, and articles. One interesting thing you may not know about google is if you type any number in the search bar, Google will spell it out for you.
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Yahoo is a reliable search engine that allows you to explore any topic. It gives you tab options for news, sports, finance, autos, shopping, movies and many more. Yahoo currently owns and operates over fifty different web properties, most of which are sites that gained popularity before being acquired by Yahoo. Some examples include Geocities, Yahoo! Games, Delicious, Flickr, and upcoming. org
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Bing can be used by anyone to search any topic. It allows easy access to a number of sites by searching whatever you are interested in. Bing has teamed up with Lkout to create Klout-verified snapshots in the SERPS that are similar to Goodle's rich snippets.
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AOL is a reliable search engine to use by everyone. It gives you access to a number of topics that you can explore and a multitude of sites. Way back in 1989, AOL launched its first version of their instant messaging service. They were actually called Quantum at the time and only six years later they released their Buddy List Feature.
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People should use if they have a certain question and if they want to see other peoples opinions. There are over 25 billions questions that have been asked on
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