Joyceville PS Week Ahead

January 11-15

Cultivating Critical Thinking and Creativity in Responsive Learning Environments

Please note the message below about plans for inclement weather - it's that time of year!

We have our staff meeting for teaching staff and any support staff who would like to join us this Tuesday at 3:45. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for agenda items. Here is what is on the agenda so far:

  • Yard culture/recess issues (share student ideas/input that you have gathered), next steps?
  • School Improvement Plan - quick review of SIP based on your feedback from PA Day
  • The Learning Challenge (video) - How can we help students think more deeply?
  • Term 1 Report Cards

This month, I would like to challenge students and staff to be curious and share their questions and things they wonder about with others!! I will be creating a display on the bulletin board near my office based on the book "I wonder" (see below). Stay tuned for more details! I encourage you to read the author's note because I think it's a wonderful reflection on the topic of wonder and curiosity!

Have a great week. It's wonderful to see all the rich and productive learning that is happening around the school! Despite some indoor recesses and yard restrictions due to icy conditions, students seem to have come back from the break ready to learn!


Inclement Weather Plans

Please use Twitter, the Triboard or LDSB websites and/or local radio stations to check for possible bus cancellations in case of inclement weather. We will only use our phone tree if the school will be closed or there is school specific information to share. If buses are cancelled and school remains open, staff are asked to report to school if they are safely able to do so. If you do not feel you can safely travel to school, please contact Heather (cell 613-328-2479) to arrange for an alternate LDSB site that you can safely travel to, a late arrival while you wait for roads to become passable or arrange for lieu time, vacation, or leave as per your collective agreements.
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Author's Note

Before my daughter turned two, she began ignoring questions she couldn’t answer. Then she moved on to giving answers which she knew to be false. I realized that she had grown accustomed to being celebrated every time she answered a question correctly and was, naturally, less interested in exchanges that didn’t produce this response. But I also realized something even more important: I hadn’t taught her to say “I don’t know” let alone celebrated her ability to do so. In all social and emotional learning, children need our help identifying the many new feelings they experience: “Oh, that batman costumescared you,” or “I know, you feel sad when mommy leaves.” So I went looking for a children’s book that would help us talk about the experience of not knowing, but I couldn’t find one.

We live in a society where people are uncomfortable with not knowing. Children aren’t taught to say “I don’t know,” and honesty in this form is rarely modeled for them. They too often see adults avoiding questions and fabricating answers, out of either embarrassment or fear, and this comes at a price. When children are embarrassed or afraid of not knowing, they are preoccupied with escaping their discomfort, rather than being motivated to learn. This robs them of the joy of curiosity.

I believe that one of the most important gifts we can give our children is the confidence to say “I don’t know.” Identifying and expressing the feeling of not knowing is the first step in learning. It’s the foundation from which we begin our investigation of the world: asking questions, taking the necessary time to understand the answers, and searching for new answers when the ones we have in hand don’t seem to work. The feeling of not knowing is also the source of wonder and awe. I Wonder is a book that celebrates the feelings of awe and curiosity in children, as the foundation for all learning.

Sneak Peak...

Here's the video we will be watching at the staff meeting,"The Learning Challenge".
The Learning Challenge with James Nottingham

This Week

Monday, January 11, Day 2

Tuesday, January 12, Day 3

  • Staff Meeting 3:45

Wednesday, January 13, Day 4

  • CI - Dean (am)
  • CI - Dawn, Spi, Nancy (pm)

Thursday, January 14, Day 5

  • Assistive tech meeting with Mark Ryan - Spi (am)

Friday, January 15, Day 1

  • Jersey Day (any sport, any team!)
  • Reading Workshop - Jill, Jess (am)

Upcoming Dates

January 20 Parent workshop on using O365 with Dawn 7-8 pm (tentative based on interest)

January 29 Superhero Day!

February 4 PA Day - assessment and reporting

February 9 Mardi Gras!

February 16 Report Cards due to office

February 29 Report Cards home

March 7-11 Innovation and Creativity Week

Monthly Safety Video

Safe Work Practice - Use of Knives