Alana Tuchscherer

A little about me

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia at 11:20 a.m. I lived in a small 1 story house. I lived with my mom and dad, my sisters Alisha, Erica, Chelsea, and my brother Shane. We had a cat (he was a little grouchy). When I was 2 years old i moved to a 2 story house that could fit my whole family (My other house didn't fit much). From that point on I have lived in this house ever sense.

As i grew up i starting finding things that caught my attention. I have started to love art, it makes me feel free and peaceful. I found my love for animals. I can never have enough! The first time i stepped foot in the water i was swimming within a blink of an eye. Now i can never stay away from the water.

Now I am 11. I have stayed with the things I love. I never gave them up. I have thought about my career and I realized I wanted to care for animals and find lost and injured animals and make them feel happy and loved. I also want to make art and sell them. I cant wait my career ahead of me!

As my love for animals grew, not animals made me feel complete. The pets I have are sometimes crazy, but then boring and lazy. Now there getting old and getting even more lazy. I don't have a supper fun crazy pal that much any more. Plus, my animals are mostly guys... guys are always lazy. But all that was about to change.

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire came out for better lighting and graphics

The Day...

It was a bright and sunny morning. It was beautiful! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping. I head down stairs and we were having pancakes. My dad asks if I want to go to the Humane Society (a place to adopt dogs and cats). I said no but then my parents gave me no choice. We all ate breakfast and headed out. As we got to the Humain Society, my dad started getting drinks and snacks out of our van (my dad does vending Machines). Me and my mom walk on in. We all were on the building and my dad headed straight for the vending machines to fill them back up with food and drinks. I asked my mom to look at the dogs with me (the workers wont let you do it alone). My mom shook her head yes and we both headed into the dog section. We looked around and thought all the dogs were adorable! As we were looking and the last few dogs, this one dog, her name was Vadey, she was a Border Coley and Alaskan Husky. I have always wanted those dogs, but this dog had it both. My mom and I started dyeing. Vadey stared at us with her light baby blue eyes and her beautiful fur. My mom and I rushed to my dad and asked him to come look at this dog, Vadey. He saw her and fell in love too, but he didn't want another animal in the house. My mom and i begging like a baby wanting candy. He wouldn't budge. My dad started packing up his things and we all headed back to our car. My mom and I were very sad, but then my mom leaned over to my dad and whispered something. My parents started heading back to the building. I couldn't believe what had happened. My parents started talking to the workers for paper work for the dog. I was sooooo happy. Vadey was only 2 months old. She was born at the end of November. About an our later we had Vadey in our car heading home. I was so happy that day. I don't know how I could be happier! I am so happy my parents let us get another dog. I don't know how i could ever repay them!

Why It's Important...

Before i got Liberty I was always bored, i never knew what to do. I wanted to play with my dogs, but I had nothing to do with them except chase them which was not that fun. I never went out side because I never knew what to do and usually no one would come out side, but the day we got liberty I could not stop smiling, When ever I was bored I would go up to Liberty and she would start liking me and giving me kisses and then I would get her favorite toy and play with her. Ever sense I have hardly ever been bored. When I am sad Liberty will come up to me and lay down next to me, when I'm happy Liberty will come and jump on me. Know I am happy every day when I see her, I will never be bored again!