Allergies Natural or Man-made

Are allergies really natural?

How global warming affects Allergies?

Yes global warming has affected more that 40,000,000 people world wide.

This is because the earth is getting warmer faster and colder takes the earth more time to do because of man made pollution and global warming is believed to be a type of miracle grow for the the pollen. so the pollen counts linger around the earth for a longer amount of time before they go away. Also the changing of the earth has brought more weeds and plants that give us the allergies since the earth is staying colder for a longer amount of time when the plants do bloom the weeds have already sprouted and are all over the place causing longer allergy seasons for sufferers of sneezing, snuffling, and for those who's eyes water.

How can I help with allergies getting healed or cured?

One way to help with allergies is you can check pollen counts on a website like on or and just let your family and friends know to take their medicine if the counts are high. Also to protect your self you can wash bedding once a week, keep windows closed, and don't go outside a hole lot when the pollen counts are tremendously high.

How does environment effect allergies?

  • Climate affects allergies because Co2 levels rise in more wooded areas resulting in allergies spreading and giving people more allergies to things such as higher elevation plants and other things that don't go well with their noses.

  • The main concern is that by 2040 the pollen counts will double meaning the allergy season will increase and affect more people and maybe double in time that it lasts which would be miserable (oak and cedar counts causing most allergies will go from 16,000 to about 32,000 trees in one little area.

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