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Jobs Of Fun O' Topia


My country is located in all hemispheres. I have four different seasons for the every hemisphere. Northern is spring, eastern is summer, southern is winter, and western is autumn. I have cities like Dentist Island, Doctortopia, the Haybarn, Moneytree growing city, Dogland, Business World, Catlanad, Ponyland, and finally the Veteranarians. My jobs were created by what was more popular at my school on earth on earth before my country started. The clouds rain cats in Catland and dogs in Dogland, it does not rain or do anything else in the other cities.


The culture in my country has many different cultures in my country. Like the Polynesians, Hay bails, Doctors, Vets, Dentists, Business people, Dogs, Cats, Money tree growing people.

My culture is very unique and as my job it is to keep my country unique and FUN!!!!!! I also want my culture in my country to have their own unique traditions, like how they have

celebrations, clothing etc.


The economy of my country is that everyone will need money trees.

And food to survive every season they go through, Also, I think that it is awesome that the people who work in my cities, will get paid more that they do than they do on earth, By a lot, way more so they can have families and not be poor and have to starve


My country's government is based on freedom, I want my country to be jobs of fun. That is why I called my country jobs of fun o' topia, because I want my country to have jobs that are fun and that pays alot.


My country was created by the founder as you know ME!!!!! I was traveling through space and I did not see earth anymore, so, I named my own country. Then I one day discovered that my country was made by meteoroids being pulled together by a gravitational pull


My flag is very striped because my country is an ordinary country. I want my flag to represent my country; Jobs of Fun O' Topia in the best way that I can, in the ways that I think are very helpful.

My flag

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Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

Name of country and Why

The name of my country is Jobs of Fun O' Topia because everyone wants a job that is fun and pays a lot right? So I created a country that has cities of the kinds of jobs in the world that you may like to be.