Grapevine Mills Mall

My 5 stores

how they get there customers

they put Advertisement on the Tv, internet, and, in there own store


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how GameStop Cross-sells they put used games for a lower price so you will come back and shop.

GameStop is a retail store with over 6,100 stores over the united states


UP-selling at GameStop is were your buying this new game but there telling you that there is DLC for this game its just a better version of the game
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how Nike gets there customers

They get there Customers by putting commercials on Tv with LeBron wearing the new Nike shoes witch makes people want to Buy them.


Nike retail stores deliver there nike experience all over the world


they do cross-selling by people buying a pair of shoes but they ask you if you want to buy a t-shirt and get 30% off


by having celebrities wearing it on Tv shows and stuff
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they give a specific percent off on different clothing items

zumiez is a retailer it only has stores in U.S and, Canada


cross-selling is were they show there products in front of there store and try to bring people in the store to buy there product.
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they put commercials on Tv on how there network is better than any other network


they give half price on used phone cases and phone prices

Sprint sales all over and on there website

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they use advertisement to get people to go to there place to eat there food


you ask for like a chick-fil-a sandwich and they ask if you want a to try are new sandwich in stead

chick- fil-a only sales in united states