Mobile Learning Apps

EDU 210

By Elizabeth McGovern

Virtual Manipulatives!

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Virtual Manipulatives! is a free math app made for younger grades learning about fractions. The app provides visual to promote student's understanding, configurations of fractions and assistance with questions. This is a great resource tool that younger students would be able to access if they were having difficultly understanding fractions.
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Duolingo is a free app that helps students learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and English. The app helps students practice their vocabulary and grammar through a series of lessons that range from beginner to advance. The app can be used for all ages since the difficultly range varies depending on the individual. This app can be used for extra practice or assist within or outside of the classroom.
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ScreenChomp is an awesome free mobile app that allows students to connect with other students, has voice recording, and screencasting that allows students to upload a photo to use, they can access help videos posted, and create presentations. ScreenChomp is a great tool to use in and outside of the classroom because it allows students to be flexible in their learning, and find help wherever they are if needed. For example, if a student was a home and struggling with a math problem they would be able to access a step by step solution created and uploaded by the teacher or write down the problem and send it to a friend, who can then send them a video of them solving it. Watch the video below to get an idea of ScreenChomp's capabilities.
What is ScreenChomp? The iPad app to Record. Sketch. Share!
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Kindle is an app that allows students to download books and read them via a kindle, iPad or iPhone. The apps allows you to pick up where you left off from any device, look up words, adjust size of the font, choose the orientation of the device you are using for your comfort. In classes, the app is great for any age group because it has a variety of book options. For older grades the tool can be used for book reports, if the students was unable to retrieve a hard copy. For younger grades the Kindle provides definitions to promote understanding and can be used as a reliable reading tool.


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Evernote is a free multi purpose app that allows students to write, collect, find, share and present material. It allows for students to take handwritten notes, collect articles, photos, pdfs, share notes with other students, search key terms found in their notes, manage and organize their information and also present their information in a presentable manner. The educational application of this app is endless, however recommend for grade four and up because it would be to difficult for younger grades. The application can be used as a research tool that students must use to create a presentation surrounding a certain topic. Check out the video below to get a brief idea of how Evernote works.
Evernote as a Learning and Research Tool