Rethinking Staff Meetings

with @onealchris

Professional Development Options

Is it time to rethink your whole notion of "staff meetings?" Is it really necessary to call everyone together at 3:30 every Tuesday just for updates? Here are some ideas that will spruce up the old, add a little new, and still allow leaders to connect and collaborate with the entire team. You are a leader in the building, and it's important that you model your authentic commitment to trying new (or at least new to YOU) things. Your colleagues will appreciate your sincerity in walking the walk.

Chris O'Neal

Chris O'Neal had his start in education in Louisiana as an elementary and middle school teacher, then became a district technology coordinator and eventually director of educational technology for the state of Louisiana. During his tenure at the department of education, his successful work with the legislature earned him status as an honorary state senator. He provides ongoing consulting to ISTE, many state departments of education, and numerous national and international educational organizations. He has been profiled as a “Shaper of our Future” by Converge magazine, and received the “Making it Happen” award for educational technology leaders. He is also an author for ISTE, writing the staff-development book "Data-Driven Decision Making: A Handbook for School Leaders."