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In-Home Private Dog trainer

I provide in Home K9 Training Session | 510-936-1420 I strongly believe that all dogs deserve the best that life can offer. It is my mission to provide the highest level of services, love & support to dogs & their human families all at one location.

  • Behavior & Training
  • Aggression
  • Basic obedience
  • Super Anxiety
  • Socializing
  • New Puppy Setup

I simply cater to any dog with any behavior. Our goal is to help you with your k9. I offer private lessons in your home so you don't have to worry about leaving your dog unattended.

Rate: $50/session

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hreeds that I've experienced handling: GSD (German sHepherds), Boxer, Pitbull, Rottweiler, Doberman, Siberian Huskies, Naughty Labs, Golden retrievers, Mastiffs, Mastiff and American Banddog, Stafford terriers & many more..

Our Happy Clients


"Neil has a remarkable talent to work harmoniously with both the dog and owner to find immediate resolution to behavior issues. He does this with the utmost respect for the dog using gentle, fun and effective techniques. Neil was able to consult with my family over the phone to assist us with our dog related needs, it was like He was here in person. He knew exactly what we needed based on effective questioning and coaching. I highly recommend Beyond Obedience and their professional staff." - Eric Leslie - San Jose

"Neil has been a wonderful & knowledgeable resource for advising me on behavior problems with my dogs, nutrition & supplement ideas. Since I work with the nutrition, herbs & supplements with dogs as well, we have some wonderful conversations & share lots of ideas. It's amazing watching her work with dogs!" - Lin Suffron, San francisco

"Neil spent five sessions with our one year old fox terrier, Angus, and transformed him from a puppy who was utterly out of control into a sub-adult male who not only obeys all the normal commands but who will, among other unlikely tricks, exhibit the extent of his self-restraint by lying with a piece of steak between his paws ("don't touch") until he is eventually allowed to "get it." Considering his behavior prior to Neil's training, this is nothing short of a miracle. - Page and Lynn Stegner, Palo Alto

"Neil. . .. . .Yours is a splendid service -- for which we're most grateful. You've done a marvelous job of training us to train our dog. Your positive approaching rewarding good behavior makes each training session a pleasure for Max and for us. Thanks for your invaluable direction and assistance." - Captain Alfred Pride, Retired U.S. Navy

"Neil has a way with animals that most of us don't have. He helped our family understand WHY our dog did some of the things He did, which helped us solve the problems." - Karla Peterson, Walnut creek

Neil, you are amazing! You have a real talent. Thank you for sharing it with me and Lucy. You are very encouraging and have taken the mystery and most of the frustration out of puppy training. Thank you. - Susie Lewis

I was in awe of the way every dog responded to you! You are definitely connected and I could see the respect from the dogs. You are amazing and I loved and enjoyed every minute of our classes. Best wishes and thank you for some great tools to continue our learning together. - Carol McNamara